The Musical Viral Spiral

Episode 11 ..::.. Stone Soul Foundation, Doolin O’Dey

This week, Doolin O'Dey stops in to share some Celtic Folk tunes off their album 'Out of the Mist', and they perform a pair of pieces live in the studio.

They also talk about their musical influences, including strong family ties and celtic roots.

After that, gears change drastically when Stone Soul Foundation stops shares some tunes off their albums, 'Into the Flames' and 'Electric Valley.'

Upcoming for Doolin O'Dey
Dec. 19 and Jan. 16, at the Piggery
Jan. 11 at Beta El Grove
March 'Madness' during St. Paddy's Day
March 12 at the Women's Right's Museum
March 16 at Belhurst Castle in Geneva.

Upcoming for Stone Soul Foundation:
also: Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Rhapsody,

Sunday Dec. 16 at Monterey's in Pennellville, NY with Otherwise, who has been touring with Daughtry and Three Doors Down

In January, Stone Soul will be part of a Battle of the Bands event as a fundraiser to 'Stand up against Suicide' at the SRC Arena in Syracuse.

Feb. 1 at Lizards in Waterloo, NY

Feb. 2 at Montereys again, this time with Sponge and Space Hog

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