The Musical Viral Spiral

Ep. 14 ..::.. Cookies for Breakfast with Hobo Graffiti & Virus

We welcome Hobo Graffiti is joined on this show and Virus, from the band Dope, calls in.

Hobo Graffiti will be playing Feb. 9 live in Marcellus at Franks Moon Dance Tavern.

February 14, they will host open mic night at Mac's Bad Art Bar in Syracuse.

Members from Hobo Graffiti are also active with Brand New Sin, and Kevin (drummer) just recently auditioned for America's Got Talent in New York City after helping Granny Four Barrel for a stint in Nashville, TN.


Vrius talks about staying busy during the downtime on the road, and discusses upcoming dates with Device.

Device will be playing several southern festivals, including Rocklahoma and the Carolina Rebellion.

Next time: Darwin will be in the studio.

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  1. Awesome show! I cant wait to check out the new Device project, David and Virus are gonna make a killer combo. Hearing Virus and the PP-King reminisce makes me wish I was born a couple decades earlier.

  2. Freaks me out too!

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