Scandal in Honeoye & W-FL League Races ..::.. S2 #14

This week we discuss the news that Honeoye will forfeit the remainder of their games due to a hazing incident that resulted in head coach Jim Parshall resigning this week. Also, a look at the races in the Finger Lakes East and West and Wayne County Leagues heading into the final week of the regular season.

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One Response to Scandal in Honeoye & W-FL League Races ..::.. S2 #14

  1. Daryl Leisenring says:

    not sure this is a scandal at Honeoye…….seems like kids being kids and then the normal reaction of the liberal establishment……nice try though at your attempt to sensationalize something involving children and young adults……and for the record I have no ties to Honeoye…..SF/Waterloo.

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