Chewed Gum Podcast

Complete Chaos .::. Episode 29

Join us for Episode 39 of the Chewed Gum Podcast we have 4 guests and 3 hosts... complete chaos. 2 Chewed Minutes becomes 3 Chewed Minutes but we had a blast. Come waste an hour with us.


Teeto’s Dream Date .::. Episode 27

Come join us and waste an hour of your life. Teeto fills out his resume for the upcoming Bachelor Auction put on by the Second Chance Dog Rescue. We discuss the Miami Dolphins drama between Richie Incognito & Jonathon Martin. The new 2 Chewed minutes segment continues. Jay & Bub argue to end the show. Big Daddy Studner joins us again in-studio.


2 Chewed Minutes ..::.. Episode 27

Tiffany from Second Chance Dog Rescue joins us to discuss the singles auction November 23. We discuss the best and worst halloween costumes of all-time. A Chinese Man meets his daughter-in-law for some hot sex and his son shows up. Join us for an hour of your life, we promise you will laugh at least once.


Top 5 Worst Things About Halloween .::. Episode 26

Waste an hour with us as we discuss the worst things about Halloween. We talk about the 9 things we miss about the 90's and a man gets his penis stuck in a toaster. Johnny Sins & Teeto switch places & the guys call for Bub to be replaced.